This often proves to be a very important variable, especially if your target audience tends to be larger in old or something new for them to buy things online. 4. Banner include or not include. Are the sales letter should always have a banner at the top, right? Error. In many cases, we found that removing the banner increases conversions. I guess this is because the banner often distracts the attention of your visitor. However, in other situations, led to remove the banner to go down conversions. If you have a banner, you can try removing it if the increase or decrease your conversions.

5. The text of the button to subscribe / order button. If you have a short sales letter, you must test the text used on the button “subscribe” or “Sort” button. Many entrepreneurs who are using a sales letter with a form use the word “Subscribe” as text on the button to subscribe. With this you can get a significant increase in conversion testing with a more descriptive text in the subscribe button, as “Sign up now.” 6. Audio message. The “Experts” Internet Marketing recommend adding an audio welcome message for visitors to your site and explain what your product can do for them. While this may increase definitely your conversions, in some cases have declined significantly as well. So if you are planning to add an audio message, be sure to test it first to see if it is increasing its conversion rate or not.