Many people believe that markets will return to be the same after the recession. However, it will not and the companies that succeed will be those who know the needs of their customers and consumers. Finally shown us the opinion of George Kohlrieser, expert in leadership and Professor at IMD Business School in Switzerland, we are in a propitious time for change. For even more opinions, read materials from Secretary of Agriculture. We have to understand that now many people only think about their survival, something that limits your creativity and the pursuit of opportunities. Survival is always the most important objective for the brain, and as such, leader and employees seek the way of defending itself and not the opportunities that there are on the outside. Impotence is the most destructive mental and emotional state that may result in an organization, a team or an individual.

Leaders must be tough, positive and focus on the opportunities. You should put a limit to complaints, since they only lead to discouragement. It is time to learn, develop the talent to find innovative and creative ways of doing things. The leaders should focus on the positive aspects and opportunities in these times of crisis, because it is now when employees can gain strength and determination to seek ways to make progress. In conclusion, management must be prepared to face the challenges, give way to their creativity, diagnostic and extent of the crisis in order to give step strategies, plans that will counteract if affect the organizational behavior of low company responsible, to take into account for example what the Meter F. Drucker disappeared in his work: management in difficult times when referred to organizational changes, adaptation, management, decision-making, strategies that the Manager must have faced difficult business situations, above all the ability to be front organizations and be competitive in the world of globalization. Being a company Manager is convinced of the mission, vision, objectives and goals of the Organization, as well as be prepared of the environment that surrounds us, to deal with the dangers of different indole that may interfere with the management of financial resources, the intellectual work productivity and costs needed to stay in business.