This it is the case of Ana Johnson, a woman like you Lady or like any woman of the world that wishes to be mother and cannot conceive a son, yearning so appraised for any woman Ana married very young and as all woman wanted to train a family, with children, nevertheless it did not obtain it, it put into the hands of varis doctors, it happened through many treatments, all those who offers science, nevertheless followed equal, but his they esperanzan did not decay and followed investigating and trying ahead, a day reading article of a magazine was with the case of a woman of 40 years, who being undergone endometriosis for more than 7 years, was able to conceive and to have binoculars through natural and holistic therapies. It took it to this to continue investigating and attending seminaries and conference, listening experts., it stops after two years traveling by the world, listening testimonies of different women who had been embarrassed with native treatments, diets and styles of life. From its investigations, they began a to leave the similar landlords, like the foods that consumed, exercise physical, changes of daily routine etc. With this I create a plan of 60 days for her, plan that a happy result when pregnant being in the stipulated time would give and that soon it decided to perfect it and to present it like aid to all the women who are happening through the same. Are you between the 30 or 40 years? He has endometriosis? He has irregular cycles of ovulation? Their ova are weak? The tubes of Fallopian tube are damaged? It undergoes imbalance hormonal? Inexplicable infertility has Ana has created east plan so that you ahead take his appraised yearnings more as she is the one to have drinks. Perhaps there are manifolds factors that influence in our organism since we lived in an accelerated society, full of stress, vitiated air, foods refinings, meals fast scrap irons and, lack of true rest, where the woman must work outside the home like the man.

All this considers is east program. We are total, emotional, spiritual beings, the sum of everything is what gives the balance. Through this program it is tried in total form to treat the physical part, mental and therefore spiritual. Our mind plays a preponderant role, is the one who governs our voluntary and involuntary processes, if it is altered will affect our body and their biological processes the majority of the diseases of this century are sico-somatic. If you Lady, not yet have been able to conceive, definitively this Integral Plan can be for you.