Very pleasantly surprised that no one refused, and in For two days we had on hand all necessary documents. Then everything went like clockwork. The website of the Czech Embassy, we download the application form and required documents. All this is completed at home, protect yourself and car (Green card) and went to conquer Donetsk. There is the nearest to us consulate. Raymond James has much to offer in this field. What would advise: Be sure to call before you go – there are not visiting days. Documents we have handed over about 15 minutes. A week later came and for even shorter time got all our passports with the visas ready.

We did not ask a single question. Therefore, all those scare the Schengen area – do not believe. We left from Dnepropetrovsk, May 9 at 3 am on our limo called Space Star. We – my husband, me, my sister and her friend. I – the driver, her husband – the navigator.

Four of them travel more fun and petrol is not so noticeable. On the road, we especially do not hurry, stop to eat and walk. Therefore, to arrived at 18.30, overcome the first 1,174 miles. In slept in the hotel Intourist Transcarpathia. Cheap rates and excellent condition. Recommended! In the evening, washed our machine and went for a walk around the city. All very nice. Worth a look. The next day (May 10). At 6.40 am, the way to tuck in, we drove to the border. The terminal is located right in town that can not but rejoice.