Istanbul Autodrome, also known as or Istanbul Park circuit in Istanbul (Turkish: ‘stanbul Park), is located at Autodromo Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey. It was built to host the Turkish Grand Prix Formula 1. Surrounded by forests and parks, is located near the intersection of Kurtkoy, north of the TEM highway, which links Istanbul to Ankara. Along the circuit, is the newly constructed Sabiha Gokcen International Airport.
With a total area of 2215 million square meters, the circuit take the opposite direction to clockwise, and has a length of 5340 meters, with an average width of 15 m and variation between 12.5 and 21.5 m . The drawing shows 14 curves in total (six and eight to the right, left), which is the most closed one of only 15 meters radius. With a main straight of over 650 meters in length, the circuit has 4 different height levels. In 2005 it is estimated that the maximum speed attainable by a car in Formula 1 would be 320.5 km / h.
Both the circuit and the facilities surrounding it were designed by German architect Hermann Tilke, who said that the layout design so that “pulled the pilots of the runway.” The first Grand Prix of Turkey was characterized by fairly large amount of dry occurred over the weekend.
One of the curves is striking in the first Grand Prix was the number 8. This is a curvon with four high-speed head, in which many of the pilots lost control of their cars. Both pilots and spectators praised the curve 8, comparing it against historical curves such as Eau Rouge and 130R. They even get to compare the circuit with the Belgian track of Spa-Francorchamps.
The circuit in Turkey, however, was not without criticism. After the test on Turkish Grand Prix 2005, the driver Jenson Button said the track had been rolling through the weekend, and that this problem was particularly pronounced in the curve 8, thereby causing numerous dry . These statements were to recall the location of the Shanghai International Circuit, also designed by Tilke, who has been told that this is sinking in some areas because it was built on wetlands. Jarno Trulli were indifferent when asked about the Aut dromo opinion, stating that the route was easy to learn and a good performance depend more on the machine that the pilot .
Autodrome has hosted international races of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, such as the World Touring Car Championship, the GP2 Series, the FIA GT Championship and the . Among the events scheduled for the future are of MotoGP racing and the Le Mans Series.