Gobe and put an end to discussions. Ten years later in a moment of tense calm, Mrs. Gobe looked very worried and brought them in to the room, to inform them that we had to celebrate his birthday but that apparently the money from his inheritance, that so many years had allowed them to live without work, had vanished and, in order to finish the grinding, Dna homeland his mother was very ill. Cuauhtemoc and Lupita did not understand what was happening and anymore as they were, each by his side began to find the roles of their inheritance. Cuauhtemoc stirred all the boxes of the family in the tiliches room and Lupita got Internet. What they found surprised them so much that they finally gathered to watch it together all coincided, was incredible and very serious, so it made a list of the more important of his discoveries: 1.

his birth certificate had the date 28 and not on 15 September 1821 (15 appeared as Uncle Porfirio day) 2. His father not named Miguel, Jose Maria was that her mother gave her surname to Mrs. Patria. 3. After of Jose Maria dead, without having seen the birth, uncles Augustine and Vincent took over the birth process.

4 Family Peleus by heredity, which was a factory very rich; as soon they took Middle Uncle Agustin, who wanted only to control Ms. Gobe. 5. Then to divide up the factory divided into associated fabriquitas that commissioned the daughters of Mrs. Gobe. 6. Not content with that, they continued fighting and to cover the eye to the male with Mrs. homeland, began to borrow from other families, certainly more than once past them the House; insomuch that the neighboring, rich and powerful family, was left with much of the inheritance.