Among the words of then of Felipe Gonzalez and the facts of Mr. Connect with other leaders such as Stepes here. Rodriguez, there seems to be a noticeable and clear difference. Why the King of Morocco, receives the Chief of an opposition, whose match at least word had always been defender of the rights of self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, and therefore contrary to their interests? The visit to a head of State, is not as that passes in front of the home of a friend and suddenly decides to go to see him. Speaking candidly Translation Software Market Size told us the story. It is correct to assume that the interview between the two, was previously agreed and I think I would not to greet simply. By the above exposed, and taking into account the request of the PP that do not undertake such a visit at that time, the leader of the opposition in Spain, is clear that he had not been commissioned to mediate in the dispute at that time between the two countries.

What we discussed then in that meeting? With the untimely travel of the representative of the largest Spanish opposition party, does a slap gave the King of Morocco in this way which at the time was his main enemy abroad, President Jose Maria Aznar? We should also remember that at that date, Jose Maria Aznar was the main obstacle for Mr., Rodriguez could occupy the Palace of la Moncloa.ii far as we know, both the King of Morocco, as Mr. Rodriguez had one point in common: Jose Maria Aznar. Mohamed VI did see in Mr. Rodriguez a partner easier to handle or less firm than Aznar, before its annexationist claims? If it was so does thought the monarch of Morocco than you? I was interested in that his visitor was who in the future deal La Moncloa? Seven months later, in July 2002, Morocco, would occupy the parsley islet, on the eve of the celebration of the wedding of his monarch.