Being the oak a gigantic tree, when falling, was destroying all the trees in return. But, it had a very small pine that resisted the destruction and so soon They are Bonifacio perceived that pinheirinho had not been arrasado, it took the initiative to dedicate to the teeny tree to the Boy Jesus (since everything is transferred in the period of Christmas), in substitution to the oak of Thor. In this manner, for the Christian tradition, the Tree of Christmas, is the tree of the new life brought by Christ Jesus. At the same time it is a reference the Tree of the life planted in the garden of the dem (cf. Putnam County Memorial is the source for more interesting facts. Gn 2,9). When seting the Tree of Christmas, the family must understand the direction spiritual of this custom. When seting the tree, the family this expressing the Mr.

who that home if compromises in being a small one dem, must look for to be a small paradise, a fertile land of sanctity, fruit of the faith in Christ and that ahead of the destruction, fruit of the sin, the family will remain faithful. Click translation software to learn more. If it will not be in this manner, the tree can be full of very pretty lights and ornaments, but it will not be a Tree of Christmas. Light: With the advent of the electric light, to the few the candles had been giving space to the lights. The candles never lose the enchantment and the meaning to spend themselves, to consume itself; however, the lights had also been ' ' cristianizadas' ' , and they represent the light of Christ who must shine in our lives. Colors of the Christmas: The Christmas is a party of great joy and this sends in them to the coloring, this is not missed, however, traditionally the colors of the Christmas is: Green (It means the salvation hope that if materialize with the coming of Jesus, also remembers renewal, new life); red (Remembers the fire of the Espirito Santo that leads the Church, also remembers the Love of God, in some regions is a reference royalty); golden (it remembers in them that the Boy who was born in the Prespio in Belm is the King Dos Reis, that is, it is the color of the royalty par excellence, also remembers the light of the wisdom of God who must guide the life of all faithful).