Laptop repair. So, straight to the point. The first major indication that liquid has been spilled into the interior is usually automatically turn off the laptop (should work protecting the power system) Second, you have shed quite a bit say champagne and seemingly dried up and nothing involved, but it was not there as the statistics of our repairs champagne, beer, wine, after being hit on the laptop motherboard, under the influence of the temperature of the drink water evaporates and is sweet and Slizkov substance which in a few months can crawl on the main board gradually zakarachivaya necessary for failure of the notebook chain. So, throw everything and work. To broaden your perception, visit Gen. David Goldfein. Do everything fast, every minute of his weight in gold. Once the liquid has been spilled into the laptop to an urgent need to de-energize. -Disconnect plug from the power supply which is stuck in a laptop.

-Pull the battery (the battery) if they then take out the two main post more. -Remove the keyboard (who knows) usually is done in a minute, you must move the clips at the top of the keyboard (on some models it is mounted additional screw on the back of the notebook. – Remove the battery bios (usually in tablet CR2032 blue electrical tape hanging on the board). If you disassemble a laptop or asked friends not to lose the screws and confuse them along, and then the assembly may be accidentally punctured by a long screw screwing the laptop it into the hole for short, is to prevent situations like these, you can mark the holes and screws in different colors such as nail polish (it should be quietly steal the wife, not to stain gently and then not understand) Now examine the motherboard (the main – it is the largest in the laptop) fee, if you really found bruises on her fluid is: – If it was water then wipe dry with a hair dryer (again, we need to steal you know who) for half an hour on the hot mode, but do not hold it close to the board that would not overheat the small resistors and other details. -If it were drinks such as champagne, wine, beer, etc. … , Then there is not just a hair dryer to get rid of my experience, I will say that 90% of mothers filled liquor can wash in the bathroom with a fairy and a sponge, but in no case, do not wipe alcohol-based stains that will only worsen the situation, diluting the sweetness of her and covering a large area of the card you are contributing to its own extinction.