The presented work is an extension of disciplines of Hydrography and represents an instrument of practical content and theoretical that goes beyond the classroom, providing a bigger interatividade enters the study colleagues and the interaction enters disciplines, a time that to observe a hidrogrfica basin that bathes an urban area is to perceive as it is a space of circulation and space integration. Learn more about this with Jack Fusco. The focus of study is the hidrogrficas basins of the city of Native of London, located in the north of the State of the Paran Brazil and its rivers. What it is considered is to show the importance of the water in the relations of the man with the nature through its sensible multiples. In this look it is perceived how much the environment social, morphologic, geologic, climatolgico and many others are linked coercing next to the rivers in activities of the cities and its citizens, having as important agent the river, and what it passes of important, the teachings and understanding of our proper ambient experiences ahead of the spaces natural and constructed by it. Word-key: Hydrography. Interatividade. Hidrogrficas basins.

Rivers. Space integration. Introduction The water always was object of inquiry of some sciences. Its study it is not only restricted to Geographic Science. The boarding of this subject is made by presenting the city of Native of London for its physical, historical and cultural aspects, a perception of the landscape and the hidrogrficas basins that involve the rivers Jacutinga, Lindia, Coffee plantation, Cambe Brook and the River Tibagi, we contemplate the water and its multiple meanings, its use and its directions and the partner-ambient problems generated by the action human being.