To further studies, Billotte attended the Art Academy in Dusseldorf. Click igor kononenko for additional related pages. In the style of the Dusseldorf School of painting is created in 1830 his version of Sappho”. Billotte produces his oil painting portrait sessions as well as photographs of his son Carl. The method is customary painting after photographs in the 19th century in 1843. Order images are his own, and the style of the time. Billottes euvre combines different styles of his epoch: elements of romanticism, the Nazarene, Biedermeier and of late romanticism. His most notable works are the portraits of the Aachen Printe manufacturer Henry Joseph Napoleon Lambertz and his wife Pauline.

With these counterparts from 1878, Billotte solidifies his reputation as a portrait painter and his Aachen Biedermeier style. His repertoire as an artist includes coloured photographs, landscapes, still lifes, image copies and lithographs. In his uvre, a family portrait can be found in addition to the portraits. In this family picture, he reviewed the portrait of his wife Joan as a picture within the picture. In this way, Billotte introduces his entire family in this painting. The signature of HCF Billotte delivers the handwritten portrait of his person the artist with his signature.

The signature of his paintings, Billotte is a ligature. He designed his monogram of the initials of its three given name. The right vertical bar of the H becomes the root of the letter F. where the crossbar of the H plays a main role. Billotte, lets go over the crossbar of the H in the F. He anchored the C on the beam with counterpart of the expiring Querstrichs by the F. His surname, a point follows the Monogram centered under the signature, and the year. Reception five years after his death in 1897 wrote the first biography of the artist Johannes Fey. in 1927 he enters as a student of Bastine whose homage with two works of painters in the circle of his family”and a self-portrait” in addition to Alfred Rethel, Ludwig Schleiden, Friedrich Thomas and Aloys Hubert Michael Venth. Wednesday, the birthday of HCF Billotte the 210th time marks anniversary of January 28, 2011. His death anniversary is Monday, 25 April 1892nd pink Marita Schrouff, alias: RMS Scrip torin.