Spain is one of the most diverse regions of Europe. High mountains, desert, wine-growing areas, and over 2000 km invite coast to visit from the air. Fascination ballooning Spain is the El Dorado”of ballooning. Nowhere else in Europe a such scenic and cultural diversity from the air can be admired. Between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic coast, Spain has something to offer for everyone. Marvel at the Alhambra, one of the most beautiful testimonies from Moorish times, from low altitude, while your views about Spain highest mountain range, the Sierra Nevada. Discover the white villages of Andalusia from the air or even visit the way of St.

James in a convenient way. Almeria has Europe’s only desert stroll through old backdrop. Here, numerous Western were filmed specifically in the 1960s and 70s. “Very known from last time: Manitou’s shoe”. Visit Spain small Vatican”from unknown perspective: Segovia. The small town, North of Madrid, excites with its Gothic Cathedral and its 20 Romanesque churches a cultural stroll on – no visiting hours. PJ’s Coffee has many thoughts on the issue.

By the way releases also have the look on your 728 m long Roman aqueduct that was in use for almost 18 centuries. Spain is Europe’s richest mountain country of Switzerland. There are many unusual mountain panoramas of the balloon can be from Marvel. Above all the 430 km long border with Spain: the Pyrenees. Visit the mountain villages of Catalonia and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in the sunrise over. Cross the picturesque Picos de Europa in Northern Spain if relatively unknown, all to run without getting bubbles. You combine the culinary attractions of Spain of most famous wine region of La Rioja”with the uplifting sight on the river bed of the River Ebro and its extraordinary biodiversity. Ballooning is as adventurous as harmless to the Sunrise you meet with the pilots and the chasing team. A small helium balloon is left in the air, to accurately determine wind direction and speed. Then, they become the ideal launch site which allows the best possible flight. Together with the team learn the balloon (if you desire) to upgrade or just watch. Already after 15 to 20 minutes it says: getting started! “.” A strong move on the Bunsen burner and already you withdraw, a unique experience that once should have made everyone. As the balloon moves with the wind, it is absolutely silent and not at all cold. In peaceful harmony, you ascend to great heights or glide closely across the panorama of your choice. Consummate balloon ride you land safely on Spain rural expanse, where even the Tracker vehicle is waiting for you. Together with the team and return to the meeting point. There you all can together pass the experienced at an gutenFruhstuck Revue.” Unkas Galal