Quite to the contrary, we see egoism excess. Giving itself well in first place. The sex without the true meeting of the body. The displicncia in the touch. The complication in uncurling of something simple, (that old briguinha for nothing). The feeling of ownership in the relation. The diffidence. This is Love? These are its attributes? Plato saw the Love as something that if carries through for the directions.

You who make the Idea of it you feel, it. The true Love, therefore, is of ' world of ideias' , of the Real world. It is the Love for the Idea. It does not have necessity to participate of it. What it does not want to say that it is impossible! As many people assume. It is possible yes, for the Ideas.

He becomes fullfilled yourself in it. Exactly that let us not can ' he touches-lo' , however, we can feel. The physical beauty, for example, properly said, ' not existe'. See we it as something admirable par excellence, but, it is only one Ideal. Not by chance that he varies of person for person. ' Who loves ugly pretty it parece'. It remembers? For more strange than it can seem, when somebody says in Amar, this love only must be understood as the search of the Love. Therefore, the true Love does not compete in them. It only belongs in them as Ideal what it does not want to say that is Real. Sad to disappoint them! Imperfect beings as we, are incapable To love with Perfection. This, only is part of our imaginary ideas. Of ludus, Latin: playful. Unhappyly, this ' Ideal' (Love) it appears in our society as Merchandise. The beauty is a body without ' alma'. Soon to use and to be discarded. The desire is for the amount of relations and not for the Quality. It is the cult to ' body bombado' e, depression! Sadness, dissatisfaction, inadequao. Few people understand that ' we are not born loving, we learn Amar ' (Simone de Beauvoir). E, TO LOVE has that to be that not to feel and to idealize. It has that necessarily to be practised by intermediary of our actions. The dream already finished makes time. as to live without this illusion? The Love, Of the Love! Of the Love? Ah! You Love? It is identified, is justified, if thus it will be possible. ' ' He is eccentric to notice where situation a presumption love dies. However, when it starts the convivncia tends to finish. It would not have to be the opposite? If the least we knew what we feel would help a little ' '