It is the fear of losing, and would it be after Goethe, then would have the right response, namely a it is no last time”the kiss lovely and not asking made. But who gets always those answers, he just wishes from us? A special experience on this CD the title sometimes “represents. It is the German version of the written by Albert Hammond and ennobled by the Hollies hit song the air that I”breathe. Sometimes the desire is much larger than anything in life”sings Monika Martin and with her voice is perfectly nestled in the arrangement of the song, which the producers (thank God) not with violence arranged in the modern era. Believed pretty much to the original, and therefore lacks the characteristic guitar sound and nor does the very important (for this song) strings.

“The air that I breathe” was a worldwide top hit, 1974 and in the German version of Monika Martin, the song has again exactly 35 years later those magic that make up world hits. Valentine’s day this song could be a surprise hit”turn out. The title is a certain happiness. It is a very nice song, which promotes the small signals of happiness. It’s about the right words at the right time, to gestures, glances. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Aldi.

“” Per day I love you ‘ is the recipe for the happiness “, Monika sings Martin, and it is an invitation to try it just once, this small, everyday I love you”, that should come not only to the usual birthday or Valentine’s days on the lips. “Yes, even if it only a HDGFL briefly held in times of SMS” is (“whispered in my ear: love you firmly”), this can brighten up a dull day. There is a song on this CD, which necessarily has to be mentioned at this point. “” It is titled you but I love “and leads in parenthesis the addition of anything in the world”. A love song. It is a very pure, very honest, not excessive love song, about whose addressees Monika in her book heart track”tells a little. It mentions no names, but she speaks about love and how it is waiting for signs and signals – sometimes over years. Musically, the song stands out a beautifully grown increase. The arrangement sets out from verse to verse, and thickens towards the end to a great song with great instrument accompaniment. “The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: when the love prevailed on the Earth, all laws were unnecessary”. It’s a pity that he could no longer hear this song. Source: Andy Zahradnik / Koch Universal Music for more information, and Monika Martin (No. CD 2712529) the album “You kissed me” is available in stores on September 18.