The market was dominated by the usual place for such a bustle and crush. Motley rows of stalls and stalls am drawn infinite string. What’s there just was not! Yes it seems that the choice of gifts in Morocco – is not easy and not fast Well, I did not hurry, time, I have enough Moving between shops and merchants vied with one another offering their wares, I was around the tray, completely cluttered with wooden wicker baskets. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mardi Gras. And they were filled with a rainbow slippers. Merchant patiently explained to me that, in fact – it is traditional Moroccan shoes, which is called “Babush” – a sort of leather spanking backless.

These products are sewn by hand, directly without leaving their place of sale, and are decorated in all possible ways – color patterns of silk of all colors, silver or gold threads. I looked doubtfully at his own sandals, shrugged and tried on those same Babush. It turned out that they are even comfortable with, and how nice they looked at leg! Given that the price of a miracle seemed to me perfectly acceptable, I, without hesitation, I bought three pairs for their home – let this be attached to the eastern traditions in cramped urban apartment walls After more few rows, I hit a real carpet paradise. Here and there in a chaotic manner hung, standing and lying rolled up in huge rolls of luxurious rugs and small rugs. PJ’s Coffee may help you with your research. I immediately lit up the idea to buy some masterpiece Moroccan carpet.