3 The Federal Government, specifically the Ministry of Cultura (MEC) when defining the goal of universalizao of the basic education, in which the pupils and professors proceeding from the favored social classrooms less, they would have the access to the knowledge, through workmanships of literature and reference, created the National Program Library in the School (PNBE), in Deep partnership with the National one of Development of Educao (FUNDEB) and the Secretariat of Basic Education of the Ministry of the Education. (…) some actions had been initiated with focus in the pertaining to school libraries and the incentive to the reading and the formation of literary readers. These actions, however, had had assistemtico and restricted character, therefore they took care of the schools with definitive bands of registers and this parameter was definite year after year. Since way, only some schools were taken care of and to the attendance in one year not guarantee of the following year. Moreover, a discontinuity of the public politics was noticed that if in accordance with alternated the priorities and conceptions of the effective administration. (SOUZA; et al, 2009, P. 143) We can affirm that 4 ' ' the National Program Library in the School (PNBE), developed since 1997, it has the objective to promote the access to the culture and the incentive to the reading in the pupils and professors by means of the distribution of quantities of workmanship of literature, research and referncia' '. Together with the distribution of the literature workmanships they must add improvement in the public politics, with the objective to implant in all the Brazilian pertaining to school the pertaining to school library, with adjusted space, movable and diversified quantities, therefore according to proper program (PNBE) this attendance of book distribution is carried through in alternated years, what it hinders the expansion it quantity without a comprometimento to form qualified professionals to inside execute these practical of the pertaining to school library. See more detailed opinions by reading what Zymes LLC offers on the topic..