Said them in the letter that leaves their children from Cuba to fight in Bolivia as well: his father has been a man who acts as thought and safe has been loyal to their convictions. Grow as good revolutionaries. Study much for mastering the technique that allows you to master nature and that we have done, try to know and delve into the incredible advantages and utilities offered by new technologies, leading to the schools, to education. The always inspiring example of Che, its revolutionary intransigence, its values, its creator thought, was present when the Second Secretary of the party, Comrade Raul Castro said in the central event on the occasion of the 54 anniversary of the jump to the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, celebrated in Camaguey, barracks on July 26, 2007 the greater the problem or challenge, more organization, more systematic work and cash is required to work with critical sense and creator, without ankylosis or schematic, never believe us that what we’ve done is perfect we are in duty to question ourselves how much things we do, in search of making it increasingly better, transform methods and conceptions. Read more here: Zoom Digital Cameras. Bibliography:- issues economic of Ernesto Guevara diary of Che in Bolivia. Newspaper Grama on October 12, 1987.

Fragment of the discourse of Fidel in the Act Central for the 20th anniversary of the fall in combat of Che, in Pinar del Rio on October 8, 1987. All software from Cuba Software our history passages in the war revolucionaria-Ernesto Guevara. Authors: Lic. Roberto Cruz Acosta Lic. Yaskara Arafet Zaragoza work centre: Facultad Regional martyrs of Artemis of the University of Informatics Sciences.