Within hours of the elections we have reviewed what they say more than 20 publications and emisoras latinas. We inform objectively what they say. Any of the almost ten publications Portuguese and Brazilian (Brazilian News weekly and five journals) takes position in this regard, although the signing of Brazilian News supporting the candidacy of Ken Livingstone appears on a poster appeared on news of April. Three Portuguese newspapers are more interested in the election that has had its Community Council this April 20. Source: Global Marine. In regards Hispanic media directors of the popular radio program Latinisimo (Marcelo Garzon) and of the two main Web portals (Luis Lopez Criollo and Orlando Mancini) told us that they thought to vote for Livingstone, even in your second choice.

Mancini expressed us that he felt closest to the right but that Livingstone was a better guarantee for the Latin minority. Lopez Criollo stressed that his first choice for the Mayor and the Assembly would be the list of left whom he sees more engaged with the question to vote and all immigrants immediate citizenship and is not linked to the current Labour Government. MINKA NEWS and Latin commune have been the only means that daily have been giving information about the London election for latinos. For even more opinions, read materials from fish oil supplement. MINKA tries to maintain an objective information seeking to make the candidates to focus on Latino issues and let latinos know what is happening. Express News, the weekly only in Castilian, carries in its latest edition a cover highlighting the event that we organized together with all candidates as well as the interview that MINKA did to Mayor Livingstone and the message that latinos and Minka Boris Johnson sent. NI Express or Extra News (the only Hispanic biweekly) have written some editorial in favor d one or another candidate. Extra has excelled in his two page discussion which Pueblito Paisa and Minka was organized April 15 in Tottenham with all candidates and in its editorial maintains a position distant from all nominations Noting that his interest is using the elections to press towards the community Latin.