Free interpretation of the mythic story of Maria Lionza was going to consider a similar myth to sleep. It will take the story as the manifest content and knowledge will be sought from the latent content refers to unconscious fantasies, the primary anxieties of man. It tries to use the myth as a tool to solve a question. Maria Lionza Why is God Interestingly, the invariant elements in these stories. In the first three stories, Maria Lionza is a green-eyed Indian in the stories is a 4-6 Spanish. Her green eyes are signs of good sign and in other tales the same eye color is a bad omen. In some stories she is rescued by his father, in others it is rescued by some Indians. It becomes queen, goddess, but can also turn into a monster or a diplomatic, exemplifying that transformations are happening by opposites.Other changes are on the order of syncretism, by that I mean that the myth of Maria Lionza plays with the fusion or confusion of the human and divine. The myth shows the combination of Maria Lionza half human and half animal, and other presents itself by engulfing of an anaconda. It also shows the result of miscegenation and its consequences, then rescued by Spanish listed as Indians who become queen. These vicissitudes of what happens to oneself, is something worth investigating in the versions of the myth. Apparently unconscious fantasies poses a village about national identity by becoming, as well as the deity to consider what is not common in the community.The white color for example and indigenous green eyes, plus also tells us about the situation of each of the members of myth and its cultural history more specifically is seen as the threat invariant which is projected into the environment, something threatens the survival of indigenous girl with green eyes. In the story 1 specifies that for the father, this girl is a bad sign, and is wondering if not consistent with the idea of the father of having been deceived by the mother, as the Indians did not have colored eyes and that distrust of betrayal awakens the passions and wants to eliminate the product of treachery, handing it to the anaconda. Could it be that this anaconda that lives under the water represents the mother and the father denies paternity of the child be returned to the mother Racial stigmatization How can someone become gods Perhaps the symbolism of giving the daughter to the anaconda is a representative form of killing the fruit of betrayal, who returns from death as a deity.Could it be this version closer to what many scholars of the myths say that hides the story, the murder that is built on a culture. In the story 2, the version is no less similar to 1, meaning that the green-eyed girl who is predicted to be born is a bad omen and had to be sacrificed when born. What is new in the story is this look in the reflection in the lake to attract the snake that inhabits the lake and create death and destruction. In this version of regression to the primary mirror relationship, bringing death and destruction. Her father separated and protected from this prophecy, which resembles the Oedipal version, placing guards, and hiding in a secret place, most not even protection of the father managed to save her from the lure of a return to the womb, the maternal lake , which engulfed and became the object “the anaconda” that was inflated so that exploded and brought destruction to the community.The story says the threat of maternal attachment that does not allow individuation but the self merges with the object model of what happens between subject and environment is not recognized merged separately and ends in death narcissism. But also, the story shows the fear of Oedipal tendencies of the father and daughter, it is necessary to protect the representatives superego, the guards. The story 3 shows the green-eyed Indian girl, but now these eyes are a good sign, so it was becoming a talisman for the community. It is not the bad woman as in earlier accounts but is saving women.This time is the mother who protects isolated mountain, perhaps showing the suspicion and rivalry maternal / filial, as she left the care of protective guards isolated from relationships with others, would be related to deprivation Oedipal However, given the situation of the conquest, the community put expectations on it to enter into talks with the conquerors, what kind of request will have done the community However, his charm and diplomacy were not enough to attract the conqueror and it was isolated in the mountains becoming Goddess, I saw her again for a rejection.