All that remains is the pleasure and adrenaline of a moment, a night or one late in which love protagonist becomes. Despite the time it took on the way to the home of angie they were not diverted theme. When they reached her house, I am Cristian astounded before the Empire represented the House of angie, because the had always lived in a slum, where poverty and need are the first tool that can be accessed. Every thing that I saw in the home of angie you to ignore it completely. Therefore the will never guess that her parents had so many riches. When she introduced him to her house, not be Yes unfortunately or fortunately Cristian father Angie was looking for some documents.

When that low politician to receive his daughter I am baffled to see Cristian clothes and realized that it was poor. Which try to hide with her daughter, but hug when Angie, look at him with contempt and said in his heart. Because my daughter is miserable as these. However moved to close a business for which the represented a substantial gain, since the was confident his daughter which was a very mature woman to his twenty-four years. Minutes later they were forming the literary structure that should sustain in a sociological analysis, when everything was in silence, angie and Cristian were watching each other, their eyes looked like Shining stars, they wouldn’t of seen, her lips have changed color tenderness shone that afternoon. And that was how they were declared everything that felt, because over the course of four semesters had ever said anything. Thus began to live an intense love, which kept hidden for a long time. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo with the Cristian days began to fall in love so much Angie came to love her and love her with all your heart.