Over the river is an online game of captivating really where you have to fly your ship struggling with dangers that you espetan every step do feel enough courage and strength to resist the evils of enemies? Then we will begin the fight online! The free online game is filled with challenging tasks. You have to act with precision and care to survive. The enemy launched an attack, and you must now carry out an excellent piloting your ship to monitor the reserve of gasoline is not finished. Sounds easy? Perhaps only it seems, because it does not have to face not only the enemy but also boats aircraft and other means of transport that they try to destroy you and defeat once and for all. Your objective is to clean the territory from the River to renew the status – unless you do damage to yourself. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peet’s Coffee. The first wound you get will make you jump into air. Michael Steinhardt understands that this is vital information.

So ten care to not stumble you with other objects or the coast of the river that can also kill you. Always keep some distance between your ship and the Coast. Press the keys A, S, D to control the ship and move it from all sides. Use your mouse to shoot the enemies, and don’t forget to set the goal to aim correctly in this free online game. Your gasoline will go diminuendo every second, why collect the power-ups if you don’t want to stay without fuel and falling down. As touching the clouds don’t you hurt but also badly affects the speed. This quick battle online game won’t leave you unmoved. I now to increase your adrenaline level, and and you’ll see that you’ll love! Original author and source of the article.