Perform simple pure silver jewellery, is not something unique thanks to the silver paste jewelers. Now you can make your own jewelry from jewelry at home. This clay can be found in different versions, which facilitates the realization of a wide variety of jewelry. Imagine: rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, Cufflinks can buy this product in specialty stores, is also marketed as a Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay silver. Silver paste is very well combined with other materials such as polymer clay, enamels to fire on metal, resins, gold, glass, natural or synthetic stones, etc. These materials visibly extend the possibilities of the paste of silver contributing color and beauty. I’m going to show you jewelry that I have made to give you an idea of what results you can get. This article is intended to show you the variety of jewels that you can create with silver and combinations with other materials paste, I did not want to dwell on how you’ve done each jewel for which not be too long.

However, you can find more details about these gems in my blog. ( paste of silver in their appearance normal drying clay is like the damp plaster, but its texture is closer to the dough. Silver paste dries quickly once outside its original container, therefore must be modeled with some rapidity. Greatly facilitates things have clear idea of what you want to do first, and even practice a bit with a piece of any mouldable dough. It is available in the following formats: Art Clay Silver 650 in version clay (7 gr, 10 gr, 20 g, 50gr) PMC standard 900 20 gr (this is the original formula of PMC, now there are other similar PMC products that need lower temperature for cooking) PMC 3 600-700 version clay (6.3 gr, 9 g, 16 g, 25 g, 50gr) with working with moulds moulds greatly facilitates the realization of certain jewels of silver paste.