9 Identity is the feeling of belonging to the Organization and that is an element important and valuable part of the working group. In general, it is the feeling of sharing personal goals with the Organization’s. Knowledge of organizational climate provides feedback about the processes that determine behaviour organizational, allowing in addition, introduce planned changes, both in attitudes and behaviors of members, as in the organizational structure or one or more of the subsystems that compose it. The importance of this information is based on verifying that organizational climate influences the overt behavior of members, through stabilized perceptions that filtered reality and condition levels of labour motivation and professional performance, among others. Management should also consider that as Juan francisco Balam reminds us, the factors required to be considered in an organizational climate that differ between organizations, since each company has unique features, will be as follows, according to Davis and Newstrom (1999) and Robbins (1999): Motivation satisfaction involvement attitudes values culture organizational stress conflict definitely, is very valid when you point, every day we need companies to establish an organizational climate conducive to all the elements that are part of it, both internal and external elements: one can mention to staff and managers as internal elements and customers, suppliers, Government, banks, and public in general as external elements. Both elements are containers of the factors described as part of the organizational climate; tailored to your forward or reverse the progress of relations between these elements and the company will be.

It is worth mentioning also that if an organization does not have a favourable climate, will be at a disadvantage with others that they do have, since they will provide greater quality in their products or services, with consequent increase in customer acquisition. Arciniega, l. (2002). Organizational commitment Mexico How do do that people get t-shirt?. In: Strategic management July-August 21-23 Davis, k. & Newstrom, j.

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