It is very important not to forget that the goal of a good cover letter means just that, a brief, clear and concise presentation of ourselves. If we make a cinematic analogy, if the CV is the main actor, the cover letter is the supporting actor, and we know that a good work of cinema needs two actors very well attuned. The goal of the cover letter is similar to that of the CV, capture the interest and get an interview, but provides a different way of doing it. The difference is that you must display our personal style and some personality traits, motives and interests by the professional project in particular. It is therefore one element of design and own brand than the CV. It is important to remember that the letters should have four parts. In recent months, PDF Downloads has been very successful.

We began by greeting, you must go directed personally, and it is important to find out the name of the professional responsible for the process of selection, customization It is part of the process of attracting interest. We must then include a brief introduction, describing why we wish the professional project. The third part consists of the description of our skills, knowledge and competencies that make us the ideal candidate, is what can be defined as the argument for the most optimum fit. And the last part could be termed as the closure and farewell, where we propose a future interview. Remember keep a syntax and correct spelling, the use of short, concise and clear phrases, a tone upbeat, relevant and revealing.

We are going to offer four very simple guidelines to follow: it means to be concise? We understand that all candidates must achieve is, first arouse interest and second keep it until you reach the CV. And pierced once this last step is realized one quotation, it is not an opportunity to explain all your achievements and successes, or reasons why we should be contracted. What it mean to be specific? Focus on the post, cited the name of the company and the job portal. Get that the Charter is not one of the many that can be received. Each letter should take their time and dedication so you have that personal touch of yours. What it mean to be short? Not to do the most extensive Charter becomes more interesting. Remember that the brief twice well, that this proverb helps you find that approach, simplicity and assertiveness in the letter. What does being assertive? It means the opportunity to sell yourself, express in a positive and optimistic tone that your achievements, successes, knowledge and experiences are correct and partaking them and respaldaras in the interview. Nowhere does not lie or exaggerate a final recommendation from Experteer: If you send your CV by email, copy and paste your cover letter to the message instead of attaching it as an attached document. ES easier to read an email that you open and read the document.