) On this affirmation Adolph Vasquez it discloses that it is not enough to judge definitive act according to a norm or rule of action, but is necessary also to examine the conditions concrete in which it becomes fullfilled itself in order determines if the possibility of option and decision necessary exists to be able to impute a moral responsibility to it. Based in this affirmation we can say that the moral behavior is not the manifestation of a nature perpetual and invariant human being, given always subjects to the transformation process that necessarily constitutes the history of the humanity. Good and the bad one if finds in a relation for its consequences to the others, the character in such a way coats a great importance for the moralizao of the individuals how much for the moralizao of the community. (VSQUEZ, 2001, P.> 213). As Kant is taken as starting point of its ethics factum (the fact) of morality. an unquestionable fact, certainly, that the man if feels responsible for its acts and has conscience of its duty. That is the main point if sends to an ethical construction and deferred payment of each individual at its creative and professional moment. DEVELOPMENT OF PROJECTS the true project if makes with experience, practical and theories.

This is the ideal measure prescription to give it certain, it is clearly not forgetting a good concept, and a good methodology it project or is a weak and empty project. Good talent formation and practical much practical, are essential! It is necessary attention in the hour of the options of its project, therefore we must separate thought, reason, feeling and behavior. It verifies what you think on the creation and what the others also think. It analyzes with the reason. This can be the stage most difficult for the people emotivas, therefore they will be well more involved sentimentalmente with the project.