The most memorable meetings with Dr. Ramon Gallegos have all been those where we have practiced meditation, where we reflect on our State and inquire us to discover l oque really affects us, sometimes hide our problems to simulate that all is well because society so so demand you, which becomes muscle aches or States of mood changing we are looking for help on the outside and we become cruelly competitive on the basis of our success in material and appearance, discover that through these sessions was impressive for my and gave meaning to my vision of lifeas a whole paradigm change is neither easy nor in a short time is a process in which there are ups and downs, but now you have this pedagogy that helps you to get ahead for a life better. The brainstorming sessions that we did at the end of each instructor-led session where you post as you came and as you go, what you expect and the work that you must perform to continue on this path are emotive and very productive because of the holdings of the companions you also learn to identify personal aspects. Continue to learn more with: Bike House. Videos and documentary of how certain factors in the environment and in our being and as whole it impact this interconnected were of great help to understand many concepts operated here. The moments of greater light spiritual masters in holistic education, were apara me when we carry out a dynamic write down on a sheet the place we want to visit, the members of the family and explain to our colleagues, I liked because I realized consciously what you bring in is reflected in your outside as much as you try to accommodate him, he always goes abroad and how come loaded with all that denying us the opportunity we ourselves being happy. Spiritual development helped me take an interest for me and everything that surrounds us.