The authors in analysis conclude that the new rumors of the epistemologia contemporary indicate that the belief in the fact of science to be infallible is an utopia, since they designate the necessity to reevaluate the science concept, of the discernimentos of certainty, the analogy between science and reality and of the legitimacy of the scientific models. 3 CONCLUSION With the study carried through concerning the conceptions of the scholars of the subject, can be fomented that we live at a time whose questionings on the character of the scientific knowledge are en vogue. However, it is verified necessity of a new conception on the revalorizao of the scientific studies, that are fundamental for the humanizao of knowing. Moreover, so that it has science has necessity of two aspects: a subjective one, what it creates, what projects, what according to constructs with the imagination the representation of its world internal necessities of the researcher, and another objective, what it serves of test, of confrontation. This security acquires it to science for looking for to be methodical. One of the aspects that must be pointed out in current science are the constant concern for the moan and correction of the inquiry methods, has seen that science is used to satisfy to the necessities human beings and as instrument to establish a practical control on the nature.

Therefore, science in its current understanding, leaves of side the pretension to tax its of true, but, conscientious of its fallibity, it searchs to know whenever it reaches is the approach of the truth, through methods that provide a control, a systematization, a revision and a bigger security of what the not scientific or daily pay-scientific conventionals.