The inheritance divine will then San Pedro Apostol, the politics of God, those Ordinances that are going to make the great transformation of this planet, of the atonement to the regeneration category. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jerry Dias by clicking through. Why we are here on Earth, working with faith that performs unbeatable in Jesus, the statesman of humanity. 2 Apacentad the flock of God that is among you, taking care of him, not by force, but voluntarily, not by clumsy gain, but with mood ready; 3 not as having dominion over the inheritance of God, but serve as example to the flock. I am sure that you, here at home, already sought the Bible to accompany me. And it bears repeating that third verse, which is well suited to the politicians of God. It is necessary that a spiritual directory that respects open to the greatest politician of the Earth, which is Christ.

Let’s see: not as having dominion over the inheritance of God, but to serve example to the flock. Exact we are the inheritance of God, we have no egoistic dominion over it, creator is exercised sovereignty over us, an empire of generosity that we need to discover, and that is so close, because it is within our hearts (the Kingdom of God is within you, Gospel of Jesus according to St. Luke 17: 21). 4 And when the great Shepherd, you insist the incorruptible Crown of glory. Who is the great Shepherd? Jesus! 5. Also, you, young, be subject to the elders; and all subjects to each other, and put of humility, because God resisteth the proud, and gives thanks to the humble. I remember an old thought of mine which I think summarizes the teaching of the brother of the Apostle Andrew, in verse 5, I have just mentioned: must join the heritage of the experience of the largest giving energy of the young, i.e., exchange knowledge and Act, under the decisive inspiration of the Brotherly love and the spirit of indispensable discipline.