It has something like a gnarly warmth, which is certainly also because that the band has become more mature. Teen stars were never, the SEER but runs in 13 years has plenty of water in the Lake and at the wine, it is not so different. In the Youth impetuous, matured later to character and gentleness and open a way for the views of the key. And right there the Zeitgeist begins to leave its mark. Yes, this time, this today is different than it was two years ago and Yes, everything that happens has implications for the musicians whose music, and to those people who love to hear them. Pop music has always been a mirror of the time and the musicians had always been antennas for changes which eventually were incorporated into the art. In the case of the SEER, this is an audible step deeper into the manual music world, which produces more advanced songs. Perhaps not every title is a hit, but it must be him, that the songs show depth, emotion.

Dry riffs instead of roasting guitar, piano instead of omnipresent keyboard sounds. The title song is a gem in itself and will reveal himself for radio people with security only step by step, but this is a good thing. This song may not jump at but may grow as the bud to anthesis. Or of the title Granny ‘. Touching like Sassy Holzinger vocally of the subject takes on. The song is similar to and so not speculative I were nit with, i kanth nit without di’. Additional information at Subaru supports this article. It is a love song, but one that is allowing an unconventional intro. It starts differently than we are used to, what brings with it, be happy and curious further heard.

There’s such a thing as a programmed hit on the CD, then with certainty the song Jodl MI’. The song is no thigh knockers but a blast. That’s a big difference. Thigh knockers are knaves, who always come like waves and indeed until you voluntarily take flight at the crest. You can not escape firecrackers. You build, carry away and offer a real conclusion at the end. Not this leakage in the audio Nirvana, but like this, a strong Tuscher! 17 new songs. An anticipation of the own discovery would be to list you all here. 17 songs that breathe the spirit of the times in their art. It is the hope that leads the album title as the first word. The hope is a emotional, positive orientation towards the future. The album title of hopes follow faith and love. Hope, believe and liab ‘n so are verbs, do words’. And therein lies the message: sorry! You need just to listen. Source:-az-/ Julia Griese Ariola links: event highlight 1.8.2009 / 11 Seer open air in Grundlsee