Characteristics of search and rescue dogs While there is a unique breed for search and rescue any dog is not useful for this activity. Of course, all dogs have highly developed senses of smell and hearing, but that a dog can be a good rescuer has to meet certain requirements. First, the search and rescue dog must be agile and resilient enough to withstand the difficulties of the work done. Therefore, Pekingese, Maltese, Chihuahuas and other small dogs are usually not used in this work, preferring the larger breeds. To know more about this subject visit music downloads. Moreover, dogs should not be so large that its size further hindered rescue efforts. A big dog can be a major challenge where necessary to descend into rappelling or when to move in helicopters and small boats. Therefore, large breeds are also often used as the St. Bernard or Great Dane.

However, the exception to this rule is if the dogs need a lot of strength to hold or drag people, like some dog lifesaver. In such cases, large breeds are used as the Newfoundland that is strong enough to swim as a human subject to its harness. The Search and rescue dogs also must have a unique motivation to search long even under the most unfavorable. That is why those dogs are preferred prey drive have a highly developed and are obsessed with finding the victim so you can get your reward. Last but not least, all search and rescue dog must be well socialized with people and other animals. You also need to be accustomed to stressful situations, such as the presence of many people around, explosions, screams, etc. In short, any dog can be used for search and rescue if it meets the above requirements and has received a high-level training.

Specialty search dogs and rescue Currently, the search and rescue dogs can be classified into different groups according to the tasks that are specialists. The two main groups corresponding to the tracking dogs and dogs vent. The tracking dogs, as its name suggests, follow the trail of a person from point A to point B. These dogs need a starting point and a clean piece of the person to search for. Are used to find missing and can also be used to find large, although the latter tend to be police dogs and dogs SAR teams. Vent Dogs are looking for human scent that is in the air, without following a particular person. These dogs specialize in finding people buried by landslides, avalanches people buried by the corpses of drowned people, human evidence at crime scenes, etc..