Everyone knows how important a person's life dream. Especially need a good rest in unusual or extreme conditions. This definition is quite suitable hiking trips, expeditions and even sports just exits out of the house with an overnight stay in the field. The basis for a comfortable sleep in these conditions is a sleeping bag. But now the shops and companies offer such a diverse selection that eyes get! I'd like to achieve a certain harmony between price and quality and buy a sleeping bag that will last for years, will be low-maintenance care, and most importantly – comfortable.

In a sleeping bag no minor detail: important and the material of which it is sewn, and cut, and a filler. Additional information is available at digital video recorder. By the cut, there are several major modifications sleeping: first, it's sleeping, cocoon, which can not be decomposed in a blanket, and, secondly, – Beds, blankets, which are easily converted into blanket. Which to choose a sleeping bag – a matter of personal taste, but we note that for the departure of the unfinished villa on a car more suitable for a sleeping bag, blanket, and for serious hiking and climbing expeditions used cocoons. They less heat loss and they weigh less. Some of the "extremists" are using short sleeping bag to a belt, which is called "elephant foot", a top wear (or strapped) jacket. Sleeping on the materials are divided into natural and synthetic.

Natural materials that go on sleeping, it's usually pure cotton or cotton combined with anything. These sleeping bags are more severe, absorb more moisture, less durable, and, again, more suitable for nedalnih travel by car, since they resemble more aesthetically bed, a soft, pleasant to the touch, do not rustle. (As opposed to Target). They also need people who are allergic to synthetics. Synthetic Sleeping Bags lighter, more protected from getting wet, more durable and easier to wash, and they are more expensive than the bags with the use of natural materials.