Over time he encouraged to leave alone in the vicinity though never far away. It gave him sadness thinking that I had to become, but I had to do it. Had been many pending formalities that had to end. I felt that an excellent idea was of Mabel bring her and away from his memories, which at home had found in every piece of furniture, portrait or visible object at every moment or were doing what they were doing. Here there was nothing material that was within reach of his view. I remember were in his heart, and those if that would be there forever. Ester had absolute security that never anything, neither the time or life, would be able to wane the sadness that produced them.

Alex and Mabel also knew that he would have to leave and also to them gave them sadness. Alex began to think that their dating relationship had to play an end and seriously compromise and that there would be no better time this happened before that the mother left, so he could share the day of the wedding. The economic situation was not good for thinking that Esther would soon return to visit them and none. He had heard countless times as his father had proposed marriage to his mother and assumed that Mabel also would like to romanticism and surprise so he decided to repeat the scene. It bought him the best ring that allowed its budget. Told Ester of his plans and asked their complicity to carry them out. Called you the indisposed for the day that he take her to the Park to ask him to marry. So Mabel would not suspect because his mother was not leaving with them as it was the custom. They organized the departure on Sunday. When they were about to leave, Ester said he had a sudden intestinal colic.