The elephants are arriving When it won the second division So Paulo of 1952, the Linense organized a stop in commemoration HERE, of which until a circus it participated. As, in the circus, it had until elephant, say Farah Neto and Kussarev Jr who were there that the club gained mascote and the nickname: Elephant of the Northwest. If you are not convinced, visit snoring mouthpiece. Not for another reason, in this exactly year (cf. Official guide of the So Paulo Championship), the shield of the club started to exhibit one elephant. Excellent choice because, in heraldry, the elephant symbolizes force, largeness, opulence and power. Luiz Fernando Bindi counts another history, that I do not know if it is another version of the previous one or if he coexists with it, since they are compatible.

So Paulo championship, 13.12.1953. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kodak. In its year of estria in the first division, the Linense applied inappellable 4×0 in the So Paulo. The euphoria was so great that the direction said that all the players would have that to parade on an elephant, that already was mascote of them. The torcedores if cotizaram, had arranged an elephant of a circus of the region the dream was carried through. The cited Official Guide informs that, much later, the Linense still promoted a parade of elephants in the track of atletismo of the local stadium. But elephant is not monopoly of the Linense. In 1978, the Black Bridge was the Itu to make a beneficient game. After the entrance of the two teamses, which was not the surprise to see an elephant to blunt for the mouth of the tunnel, loading in the crupper the arbitrator Dionsio Maurcio Brando, made one raj. Why? Probably for the fame of Itu, the city where everything is great.