But if we are talking about a private frame construction, there will be our cake, more meaningful. Can not ignore the story frame building. Homeland frame house made Canada considered, although these are sometimes called cottages, and Canadian and Finnish. More notable for their causes. Three hundred years ago is acute need to build an inexpensive and fast in the building industry. Idea frame construction will save time and material (one timber of almost 2-fold), respectively, and supplies.

One can only imagine how could it perfected over time, this method construction. It’s believed that surprise medical billing sees a great future in this idea. In the Soviet Union, such houses were built … but they have established a reputation for not promising. Built on standard designs of frame-panel cottages, dormitories, barracks, which is not comfortable to live. It it is clear that technology was not the same as the materials do not present the quality, but the primary impression is made up and it makes it difficult to look objectively at the pros of a frame house. But time is something proven. At present, polar expeditions, that work in one place, just need the warm light practical home.

It is not difficult to guess on what technology they are made. And there is not cold -20 degrees. Or another historical fact. Many who are interested in practicality of frame houses, heard from some of these resistant homes suffered an earthquake in Japan (1995). This served as good advertising and a powerful impetus to the mass construction of frame houses in this loving conservatism country. There are other details, but that would have to understand something, not necessarily through some sort of natural disaster. There are quieter ways. You already have an idea, say 'I want a house'? In the sense that it provided a form layout, finish, availability of back rooms, what impression it will make their appearance. It is also worth bearing in mind their possible needs.