It is all matter of opinion”to a contemporary pop hit album, no better and no worse than comparable productions of about Kristina Bach, Claudia Jung, Andrea Jurgens and similarly aligned peers happy, fresh danceable, always melodic kept and still mostly, cheerfully, tempo; with Isabel Varell is still a special icing the whole with almost entirely successful, partly more than just kessen, sassy, sparkling, ironic, even provocative, rarely simple texts from her pen. For assistance, try visiting Joilet City Council. For example, the latent rocking riff-heavy are among the most impressive titles of the album guitar pop, refined with a beautiful, romantic piano I’m much like single, “only the serious, highly emotional ballad with my mistakes”or the punchy, driving rock song I’m going do the devil” (“by the way, the only title of all matter of opinion”, which has not its own collaboration Isabel but at their request their colleague and friend Haji will village). Simply just wonderfully and lovingly formulated, nightly balladeske tribute to a best friend is another highlight, I’d stay so like anything else,”dar. With a wink, perky, sexy, sounds the catchy tune you know my neighbors? “, a loose staged Hymnisierung of allegedly lonely household, at a medium pace “with skillful, witty word play shines Isabel in the hefty Pop’n ‘ roll/Boogierock melange I love you more (than Spaghetti Bolognese)”, their dream city “(quote) Paris Isabel pays homage to, however, rather quietly, enthusiastically, in the folk frankophil-inspired pop chanson in the Rue Lamarck”. The buxom 1984 hard rock classic run runaway “the British Glamrocker Slade” “” “” it seems to have recently done to German hit producer: after producer genius Jean Frankfurter the album track three, four years ago for his successful protege at the end are Sharon Fischer we strongly enough “wrote and built in same rock evergreens as the ubiquitous anthem in various football stadiums used fragments of the also vociferously appears refrain of the first single from all matter of opinion,” n “, even more unique by run runaway” inspired to have been.