We are all prisoners of our past. To enjoy the present, it is necessary to forget his mistakes and failures of the past. It must be free of his fears, lack of confidence. Do not indulge in discouragement: “Be positive!” … By the same author: Ivan Pavlov. ..

“Have complete confidence in you, if you want to succeed in life and achieve success in realizing your dreams!” …. “Success breeds success!” Etc …. Once you are interested in your development, your well being, personal development, to the steps for a successful life, you have all the information on this subject. Everyone can find the method that suits him the discipline to develop its capacity for happiness. We are becoming better informed, access to information, culture or anything that can help us improve our lives are numerous.

And yet, we are completely fulfilled? Do we have total control of our lives? Our actions, our reactions and emotions are they completely controlled for our happiness and that of those we love? Beyond your control, you believe almighty, your choices and actions depend mainly other parts of you, who act without your knowledge. In fact, there is virtually none of our decisions, nor any of our actions, which are performed without intervention of our subconscious and unconscious. An action disapproved by the subconscious, can never be implemented by the conscious, and your will can do nothing. Conversely, an action dictated by the subconscious come true almost always. Even if your will is opposed. But in life we still surprises, as long as we stay curious and open.