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Federal District

That is a huge attendance FD, people go to 'upload' files to download, accordingly advertising on these sites is expensive, advertisers are paying them a very good 'numbers' for the placement of their ads (we have to look forward to when their turn to download, usually 40-60 seconds). Plus the Federal District are offering us to buy GOLD-accounts that allow you to download several times faster in some streams, etc. in general or Premium GOLD (where a) accounts give certain privileges to users. E-Bay may not feel the same. But with most of the money and pays us FD 'penny' for download our files. I think the point is clear. FD pretty much always there's some new, some are closed, 'blown away'.

In this market, major players are not so many (10-15 sites on the force). We all differ in terms of payments Upload by volume, speed, etc. There are purely paid, where you can download something just for SMS, in general, have a choice. Go on … There are plenty of so-called 'Warez' sites, do not undertake to say how many of them, I think tens of thousands and there are more and more, on such sites I and post your news with links to the FD. On these sites, there are certain rules for placing news (where to put the picture in the center or left, where it pour them onto a server or to any photo hosting, how to draw references to the FD, etc.) Most of these sites operate on the same 'engine' DatLife Engine (DLE), but not all.

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Road Transport

Therefore, emphasis on skills and accomplishments that are useful directly to the job. Every word counts. No need to dwell on the peculiarities of all the works and projects. Remember, brevity – the sister of talent (but not at the expense of information content). 8. Lack qualifications. Checking article sources yields A. F. Chief of Staff as a relevant resource throughout. The apparent discrepancy between the stated requirements. Of course you need a job.

But recruiters are also at work and her do not want to lose. And if they are to represent the client knowingly unsuitable candidates, they will remain without work. Do not act "at random", do not assume recruiters amateurs. Examine the job description. Make sure you really present the required skills and qualities. Furthermore, make sure they are clearly described in the the form of keywords at the top of your document, under "Qualifications." It is important that your resume is in the initial skimming got to the folder in which to be.

Your resume is only a few seconds. Citations: "I'm attracted to strange for me as Secretary for its novelty," "there is no work. Labor practices, no. Desired Salary 800 USD If you are interested in my candidacy, I hope to get agreement on getting to a personal meeting to discuss some issues and get this (what?) position. " "Hello! Interested announcement: on the main editor. Can some director … Journalism education does not. Experience acquired. He graduated from the College of Road Transport. " 'Beginner accountant with extensive experience in the specialty' 9. Too much information, not related to the case.

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Resume Writing

Once I was approached by a friend of mine for advice about resume writing. We have made several versions of resumes, and they were safely sent to the firms. It seems, played a role, because call with an invitation for an interview was followed two days later. And from a very prestigious company, which offers work in certain perspectives, both in horizontal and vertical career. We carefully rehearsed her behavior during the interview. My friend was in possession of some psychological clues that allow the benefits to show themselves. And now – the day of the interview came.

The girl went to the meeting with the mood of the winner. And we will not dissemble, really expect a successful completion of this phase of employment. In the afternoon, I rang the mobile phone. Phoned my friend. Choking of emotions overwhelmed her, she reported a positive decision with respect to it by the employer.

Super! Interested in the terms on which it is taken to work. In response to hearing a standard set list: benefits package, vacation, sick pay, etc. That is to say that, in principle, guaranteed by the state and the labor code that is called "default". Okay, I think we'll see what promises to pay. And then she calls value of future wages. I feel that something is not right. I ask, where did this value. It turns out that she had expressed a wish to receive such wages. Tact was wondering why she wanted it so much. The answer shocked me: it is to the value of wages in the same place of work and added $ 50 received the required number. What? I asked about future obligations. The amount of work – more than the last place on the forty percent. Responsibility – too much more. Moreover, in this firm, he heard the requested amount, reported that about as much and can pay. Naturally, she was delighted and agreed to work. I decided to check whether such behavior is typical for talks on the future wages of other candidates. It turned out, so do a lot of job seekers. At first glance, this is a good tactic to add to its wage in last place a certain amount of work and call it a potential employer. And what if the average market price of the vacancy you are applying for the above requested at $ 100-150. And if the gap is even bigger? Actually you gave yourself to the employer for the difference. Moreover, such gifts have to do every month. You managed to keep your good mood? Not sure … Before talking with your employer about wages, it is necessary to study labor market. Learn how real is that the vacancy for which you are applying for. And only on the basis of the results, decide how much to request for their work. There are positions for which salaries vary very intensely, and for some – virtually unchanged. But with that in mind, future responsibilities, scope, level of responsibility and must make a decision. Each of us sure want to get more than gets. Only now, having got a job with the meager allowances, and know that your colleagues in other firms with similar responsibilities are much more you can keep a high motivation to work very long. Do not fall into the trap that they themselves and drive themselves!

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