The man has been the control of the evolution from the start of his creation. The carbon cycle that is tie to the climate is affecting the global heating. And this stability in the warm climate in the last 10,000 years has allowed us to observe where we are now in our development. Now we are undergoing the consequences of our actions and alternative forms are due to learn if we want to continue living and prospering in this planet. Costco understood the implications. The historical registries give a logical direction us of the carbon cycle in the ground. Before beginning to destroy all the virgin forests of the world there was a natural drain to filter carbon that we produce in our daily life. There was a time in which it was ***reflxed mng of the hippies not to want to reduce the tropical forests. Now we know that they were right.

The new agricultural techniques and of reforestation, are being introduced to help to reconstruct what we have destroyed. One of these techniques knows like Terra soil Preta technology. At a microscopic level, Terra Preta creates a carbon reef terrestrial. These structures, in spite of their scale in size, represent a safe refuge for the microbes and fungi that facilitate the fertile ground creation. When creating the reef and the creation of a refuge this technology also provides a good carbon cycle by hundreds if not thousands of years. The combination also would increase to the rate of growth and effort of a natural cycle of the plants in growth. When being useful the work a great number of microbes and fungi, we changed to all the equation of the TRE of foods and the biocombustibles. This is a strategy of sustainable agriculture that maintains the cheap fossil fuel use to us for the fertilizer. This type of technology was an invention of the pre-Columbian American culture.