The cerebellum occupies the faces inferior and posterior of the craniana socket, located subsequent to the bulb and to the bridge, and inferior to the posterior part of the brain is separate of the brain for fiction transversa, and the tent of the brain. The wolf previous and the posterior wolf governs the subconscious movements of the esquelticos muscles; the wolf to flculo-nocular, in the inferior surface, is related with the direction of the balance. Music downloads usually is spot on. The cortex to cerebelar, that it is the superficial layer of the cerebellum, consists of cinereous substance, then below of this substance treatments, called trees the life exist, but deep already in the white substance, they are the nuclei cerebelares that they originate nervous staple fibres. One of the main functions of the cerebellum is to evaluate if the movements initiated for the motor areas of the cerebellum, beyond co-ordinating the dependent movements of abilities, the cerebellum is the main region of encfalo regulating of the position and the rocking. (TORTORA and GRABOWSKI 2002 p415).

Diencfalo extends of the enceflico trunk until the brain and surrounds the third ventricle; it includes the thalamus, hipotlamo, epitlamo and subtlamo. Thalamus: The thalamus is the main retransmissora station for the impulses sensorial in its way for the brain, come of the spinal marrow, the enceflico trunk, the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. It allows the perception of some sensations as to the ones of pain, temperature and pressure. The nuclei, in each half of the thalamus, have some papers: the medial geniculado nucleus transmits impulses auditory; the lateral geniculado nucleus transmits impulses visual; the posterior ventral nucleus transmits impulses for the palate and the somatic sensations, as of tato, pressure, vibration, heat, cold and pain. The thalamus plays essential role in the conscience and the acquisition of knowledge, cognition call.