However, others define it as a skill that allows us to know and manage our own feelings, interpret or deal with the feelings of others; be satisfied and be effective in life, at the same time to create mental habits that favor our own productivity must know, that emotional intelligence are classified in two stages: INTRAPERSONAL intelligence: (based on the autorreconocimiento). It is the ability of the individual to understand and identify their emotions, in addition to knowing how subjectively moves around their emotions. This stage works 3 phases: consciousness-raising: ability to recognize what is happening in our body and what we are doing. It means recognizing our own States of mind. Factors that depend on self-awareness are: emotional awareness: identifies emotions and what effects they might have.

Correct self-assessment: the own strengths and limitations. Self-confidence: Strong sense of the value itself and capacity. Self-regulation: Refers to manage own States of mind, impulses and resources, know recover from emotional tensions and control our feelings and adapt to the circumstances. Consists of five emotional attitudes: self-control: keeping tensions and harmful emotions under control. Reliability: Maintain standards of honesty and integrity.

Conscientiousness: Accept responsibility for individual performance. Adaptability: Flexibility to react to changes. Innovation: Openness and willingness to ideas and innovative approaches. Motivation: Referring to the emotional trends that guide or facilitate the fulfilment of the targets set. The motivation is composed by four emotional attitudes: desire to triumph: interest oriented improve or respond to a standard of excellence. Commitment: Align with the goals of a group or organization. Initiative: Disposition to react and take advantage of opportunities. Optimism: Persistence to meet objectives; Despite barriers and setbacks that may occur. INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE: (focused in how we relate to each other). Refers to the ability of the individual to understand the emotions of other people and act in accordance with them. This stage works with the following emotions: empathy: is the ability to be aware and capture the feelings, needs and interests of each other and from their perspective; know what they want or what they need and cultivate the affinity with a wide diversity of people.