Aspects to consider are:. The framing of the discipline and subjects across the curriculum. Within this section will explain the conceptual approach, as related in the whole of the curriculum; professional fields in which projected etc. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Digital Cameras. details about the objectives, both General and specific modules. Content by chapters in detail through a system that allows a rapid assimilation, for example tables and modules. The degree of semipresencialidad of the subject.

A dash of the face-to-face sessions will be of vital importance. In the same detailed, and modules, courses and topics within the course will be showcased and planned hours of face-to-face explanation, also with the same parameters will be defined non-Presential classes and the way of realization. Assignment of the subject materials. Will be explained: the characteristics of study materials used, the authors of the material, material itself and alien, the associated multimedia materials and the both basic and additional bibliography. The organizational chart of the justification of the proposal continued, and within this assessment and the description of their activities, also a table with clear indication of what is required for each module, the weight in the total of valuation of ongoing evaluation and the dates of beginning and end of the same (deadline for submission of works). The methodology of work and timing of training routes, will allow us to plan the course, i.e., determine the hours that each student should spend on average each module. Also the training routes will allow to obtain alternative curricula adapted to the needs of the student body (complementary courses). Appraisal system, the note of ongoing evaluation and the final grade for the course, will allow the student know how that will be evaluated, i.e., percentages and weights that will represent each test or work on the set of the subject. Finally it will be interesting you have guidelines or the Professor, Max connoisseur of problems and difficulty of the matter shall provide recommendations for specific follow-up to each subject, these guidelines.