Thus if it transforms a process reliable, in which values and yearnings are made use that are only possible to recognize them in one acolhedor environment, believe that the brinquedoteca is this facilitador, the measure where it promotes and it stimulates to the playful one in way that the pleasant sensation of the therapy contributes to a diagnosis and a possible cure. Later, also for offering to new ways and strategies that will contribute for the advance of the educative work and Psicopedaggico. Thus, this research approaches subjects that can contribute as a new boarding to psicopedadogogo in such a way of institucional form as in its clinical interventions, always aiming at to cure the expectations of our patients and improving the quality in the process of Education given in our society contemporary. A directed Intervention The learning process is especially on to the first years of life if it extends until the adolescence, in this direction, the cognitiva maturation arrives at its apex. Details can be found by clicking Aldi or emailing the administrator. is in this way, the individual constructs its knowledge will be lasted during the adult phase, thus being, it is important to perceive which relations attributes the learning and as this affects its life directly. The learning process goes much more that mere accumulation of information, but resources that direct the way to act and of living of its protagonists, the Psicopedaggica boarding has as objective to discover ways to diagnosis and to direct an efficient learning infancy and in the adolescence. Winnicott (1975, p.76), therapist specialized in the work with small children, also says in them of the importance of playing for the development of the child and its bridge with the reality: The child brings inside for of this area of the trick objects or deriving phenomena of the external reality, using them it service of some sample derived from the internal or personal reality. .