Keep a full attachment to institutional image to develop a creative discipline attached to the institutional image of the customer guides, he provides other technical tools to justify our creative decisions. For example in my personal case, when I design a web interface, the palette of primary colours of my design is determined by the colors of the logo, being a reason that the client can not refute technically, unless you have finished telling me that he does not want those colors and point. Although the company lacks a manual of trade mark as such, there are always elements of corporate image that can give us some graphics guidelines, however is not always the intention of the customer give continuity to that style, so it is best to make sure that this is your expectation. Knows the style of the client often defend a design becomes a task impossible, if submitted style far from the style of the client, here is not about that East good or bad or if the communication objectives are met or not, here is something as basic as an I don’t like, I’m sorry very saturated or I don’tI’m sorry very simple and so on. Swarmed by offers, Android is currently assessing future choices. This is why we must ensure through key questions about the style and graphics of the customer preference, this will give us greater confidence that our work is developed on the right track. Support you in theory design is art with purpose and is based on many techniques and theories that every good designer should know, some more than others. It is important that we support in typographical criteria and readability, in theory and schemes of colors, visual impact, schematic positioning, etc. A detail important is projecting this theoretical handling from the first interview with the client, this will help form a relationship of respect and trust in our professional judgment, after all, if we are engaged in is because we are the ones who know the best, then it is our obligation not to disappoint them..