But, one distant day, a wise King reflected on their responsibility, and decided that flowers should be for everyone. If your task was to ensure the best for local people, those flowers were the best that had been in that place and should be shared. Passed a time, they reached disappear conflicts, street fights, and even social classes the flowers were so miraculous that they catered to the rich to the point that were motivated to share their wealth. Poor people forgot their hardships and the sick – as well as not matched lovers – forgot his pain to the be enraptured by so much beauty definitely flowers brought peace. And the King decided to dictate his last act: because peace was so great, did not already lack authority to ensure it, so resigned and established that, since that day, all boys and girls of the village, at least once and – if possible – on its seventh anniversary, Princes of the Kingdom would be appointed. His task as princes would be to make sure that no missing flowers in any corner of the village.

Or what is the same, to ensure that no missing smiles at the heart of any of the people of the Kingdom for many years since you started that tradition. Of done, the small Dalindo reminded many of the stories that his mother, his grandfather and his brother elder, Didaco, told him the wonderful day in which were Princes. That night, the memory of those stories gave him turns and more turns and not let him fall asleep, I was so excited!! morning met seven years and would be his big day. Everyone trusted him and he relied on himself. Dalindo was a child happy and confident as all that is bred in that magical realm, so it was fear, not insecurity, was simply pure emotion that invaded him in that night of waiting but eventually fell asleep, and almost without realizing account was hearing the voices of their loved encouraging him will get dressed already Dalindo,, that today is your big day came to the gardens of the old palace, which remained the place where most beautiful flowers grew, and he began excited to fill the huge backpack that would be devoted to walking the streets during the next few hours.