Participation in lectures or seminars that address the topic. 2. Study of the jobs. A job consists of the task or set of tasks that an employee carries out. To analyze it is necessary to collect all data with similar to be able to study them and make a judgement about its nature.

This work can be delicate, since most of the information is collected from the own employee through questionnaires and interviews. Once achieved the commitment of senior management, the next stage starts. Two actions are critical at this time: 1. check if you missions or strategic plans of the areas in particular are compatible with the company’s mission. 2. Perform a complete description of each job, listing the activities corresponding to each one. 3.

Definition of the competency profile required. The third stage consists of listing the competencies required for each area and delineate the profiles on this basis. 4. Systematic evaluation and redefinition of the profiles. The process of evaluation and redefinition of profiles is fundamental to the success of the model, because using the same address will be responsible for the development of their teams, identifying points of excellence and failure; as well as the workers who demonstrate a consistent performance or above the required profile, they will receive new challenges and will be encouraged to develop new skills. Those who submit a performance below the required profile, will be trained and will participate in training and development programs. Points to consider in the management by labor competences. Omega 3 is full of insight into the issues. Humanist unmissable sight perspective from the point of view Marti (requires form for life not for a job): intellectual sociopolitical utilitarian humanist should form with a general culture and comprehensive professional technician. The management of human resources should have today, management by competition as one of the concepts most relevant to understand since it is allowed an effective assessment of the performance of the man.