The reader of this material you will notice, it is not only the factor of visual and olfactory impact that determines our choices, but rather, our emotional sensitivity and our psychology that are in harmony and tune with. So we can expand the knowledge the proposal got its start in the course of Natural perfumery and aromatherapy that we are providing, and in which we have decided to add a method to know the profile of fragrances staff, which is put into practice through a few simple questionnaires, which will certainly be useful for the student and the entrepreneur. What most worries always purchase a perfume, is time. It is what we believe at least at this moment the most important thing. There may be other factors that are also, but only we will give those who are simple and practical, in order to determine what type of fragrance will recommend according to our customer’s profile or interviewed and bring us closer to your actual need, knowing your tastes unconscious that will be he who will be revealed through the questionnaires. One of the parts of the Test refers to the permanence and kind, where through questions that are formulated in a pleasant way, makes an acknowledgement of personal traits, habits of the person, place of residence, diet, and other questions of self-reference to know how it is seen the same person if, which is a little more complicated part of the question. Other parts of this test refers to the relationship that exists between the families of fragrances and the personality, where the express person through questions, things that they like, which is what attracts you, what activities performed, what music listen between the main. At the end of the series of questions, a score is made and identifies fragrance profiles more in line with the person by comparing their tastes aware that really need for their personality at a given time..