The marimbondos ferroaram the two in all parts, until had left there running from there, with the full of marks and doloridos bodies. They had come back to the city for another place. They had seated in a square and they had talked waiting pains if to calm. After two hours, had discovered that a colleague its had mounted a tent of camping to one kilometer from there. They had been there.

They had found the friend who yielded the tent and left, leaving the two calm ones. They had taken off the clothes quickly and if they had lain down. When they had started, it gave a weather of the devils and took the tent of them. Others had been naked in the way them that camped. They had dressed the clothes quickly and if they had ordered from there. When they arrived close to the city, again, they superficially turn a chiqueiro pigs and a tent which had one jirau well strong armed on the chiqueiro. It was covered of straw as if it was a bed inside of a barraco. They had gone up there and they started the sexual act.

The lianas that moored the trunks had yielded and both had fallen in the mud and if they had mixed the pigs that if they turn crazy and they had left espavoridos, pisoteando itself without mercy. Rick Garcia CBS is often quoted on this topic. With cost the two had very left from there. They had been aum riozinho, had washed the clothes. They had been dressed wet exactly. Paulinho said the Luciana: – It is not possible to live thus. I go emcasa, I catch a hidden grana of papa, we will take an airplane and we go for another city. Wait you me in the small square. Thus it made. It stole the grana of the proper father, paid to an airplane taxi and had been for a small city, but the airplane gave one pane and fell in the forest. The pilot dies and they had left unharmed. They had left the airplane with cost and had very started to walk for the forest. They had felt that, at least they were free there, therefore they could practise the sexual act that as much they desired, but nor they had started well, it appeared to them an enormous ounce, comcara of that it did not want friends. They had left despaired with the clothes in the hands. They did not know where they were, nor what she would be of the life of them. They had arrived the house of an old indian. They had counted to them history to it all. The indian and the wife of it had been penalizados. They had given some advice, had asked to them if they wanted to come back to the city. As they did not want, the old indian gave an old tent and taught to them the work to them of roa. He taught everything to them what wise person, also to make things for the proper house. There today who to arrive in that hinterland, will find the Paulinho indian and the Luciana indian and its 15 children. They have everything whom they need back in the forest, only lack the television. Television to the times makes a injure lack.