When all passengers have chosen a place and sat down, you go to the end of the cabin and look – if there are any free ryadya, three or even four may sites. If there is – sit there. It is better to sit at the center this series. To apply to you sat down with unwanted neighbors, as if you inadvertently, put a thing (exercise book, notebook, book bag …) on an adjacent site. Check that the handle seats up and down and all that chair in good condition.

As soon as the plane takes off, you can already pick up pens and chairs to sleep, then even a long flight will take place seamlessly and easily. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from surprise medical billing. It is desirable to immediately ask the flight attendant to bring a pillow and blanket, and then later they come to an end, because everyone wants to put under your belt comfort pad and make it more comfortable, cover with a blanket for comfort. The toilet should go for ten minutes before a meal, or after about fifteen minutes after a meal, and then the field eating all the toilet is always great. If you do not want you to have swollen legs due to a sedentary condition and pressure, you should immediately remove your shoes. If long flight, it is necessary from time to time to do exercises or just to walk through the cabin, do not hesitate to other passengers, and they later also follow your example. Alcohol should not be accepted because they interfere with flight sleep. If even a drink, just in good company, if know, just do not have to sleep. If you plan to use during a trip to the laptop, the important thing is choosing the right notebook, since you are very fond of traveling, then you choose a reliable and desirable lightweight laptop so that battery lasts for a long time. Last time on international flights smoke-free, no need to check protivosigaretnye detectors in the toilet – there are very good penalties.