After delay now delivery in may bookings are strongly recommended (pdn) the annual coin sets of the smallest State in the world are each euro collection. The coins of the Vatican are already the rarest and most valuable course coins, but will be the rush this year even bigger. 2010 spending under Pope Benedikt XVI in addition the anniversary motto 5 years German? Under a new EU directive, the Vatican the edition was allowed to increase slightly for the first time his coin sets (KMS) for this year. For collectors and investors, although that is a good news, but remain coin sets from the Vatican also still are looking for rarities. Helen Fry helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Because of course, the only 94,000 KMS records in the quality of the impression are uncirculated as well as 15,000 spending the highest milling quality polished plate (PP) worldwide highly traded and will again this year be again sold out within a very short time. The demand from Germany will reach peak values in. These ensure the high popularity of Pope Benedict XVI and the fact that the Bavaria-born head of all Catholics can commit its five-year official anniversary this year.

Thus, the set of coins is 2010 in addition to a special anniversary edition, which should enjoy high popularity. The new euro and cent coins have the portrait of Pope Benedict XVI to the subject on the image page and will be delivered in the uncirculated version in the official presentation of the Vatican. The highest milling quality polished plate, a mint leather case as the official packaging protects the eight euro-values. In addition, the PP sets have a special feature: a silver commemorative stamp is enclosed with each issue in addition. The year’s theme is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio’s death. The Italian painter mainly dealt with Christian motifs and is regarded as the founder of the Roman baroque painting.