I would have liked knowing it, before you try for the first time. Nobody told me and also asked. I had in mind how difficult that would be, and ascertained in each one of my failed experiments. I knew how complicated it was. Who has never tried, nor imagine it. It was impossible to stop eating, because I wanted to continue doing so.

Diets that I recommended seemed a total absurdity. I felt that they were trying to kill me, depriving me of enjoying the pleasures of eating what they most liked. Nothing worked as they offered. Machines to lose weight that I saw on TV, I looked like a scam, but I needed to believe in what they observed in their impressive commercial. He could not accept that with so many scientific and technological advances, not down a pound.

It came to pass by my thoughts, everything that normally occurs to us in these circumstances. But they are nothing more than conciliation that we have with ourselves when we give up. Leaving the diet and He began to do exercises but he saw no results. Then they told me that as well no, you could diet best, that it does not desayunara and to take this or that thing to burn fat while comfortably sitting watching television. Our around are always surrounded by experts who know everything above all. I’m not an obese person and I managed to lose weight without using pills or anything like that. It is now that I can talk to ownership about how much hard to lose weight. But I stop to think and I do realize that really cost me the same thing that I cost today gain weight again. It took me only a change in attitude. It was something that I could have done at any time, but I didn’t. He ate out of habit, by fashion, by habit. Yes, he had a habit of eat, but eat poorly. Weight loss is easily accomplished if you decide to change your lifestyle with a healthy one. And if you really want to achieve, it will only cost you a change of attitude. J.S.G.